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Shoreline Insurance is an autonomous insurance agency founded in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We specialize in home, car, boat, business, health, and life insurance. We proudly represent trusted insurance companies to safeguard individuals and their property from the unforeseen and unexpected in life. With our risk management system, you can trust that your financial goals will be protected during unprecedented times.

Insurance is risk management. When you opt-in an insurance program, you transfer the risk of possible loss to the insurance provider for a fixed fee called the premium. Insurance companies turn these funds into investments, which they’ll use to cover insurance claims. 

The type and amount of insurance you need depends on your current and future financial capacity, the circumstances surrounding you or your loved ones, and the budget you have for insurance. It is a fact of life we’ll all die. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. It may be 40 years from now, it may be next week, it may be today. But death eventually happens to everybody. With life insurance, you can protect your loved ones from the unknown and help them through the difficult loss.

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Life Insurance

You cannot predict tomorrow, but you can prepare for it, whether in its best or worst. Shoreline
life insurance is designed to cushion against the unforeseeable future in case of your death or a
family member who is under coverage. This is a contract between the insurance company
(underwriter) and the policyholder (insured) where the latter pays an agreed premium on a
monthly or annual basis to the insurance company, and in the event, the policyholder dies, then
the sum assured is paid to the beneficiaries. Our Shoreline team will guide you on the best that
you can get within your budget.

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Business Insurance

Starting a business is such a risky venture, and many are the times people invest and lose it all
due to natural calamities, fire or burglary. This is a policy coverage we provide to your business;
could be stock, business assets or even the building. When you have this kind of a policy, you
do not have to worry about what would happen in the unforeseeable future. Your business will
not go down in such event. Our shoreline Business policy provides a range of options. We will
guide you on the policy depending on the size of your business, the value of the assets, your
employees and any other parameter of your concern.

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Boat Insurance

A boat is not an ‘easy to come’ asset, I mean you must part with some surmountable bucks in
fact sometimes to your last penny. That is why we have designed a specific cover that will
ensure that in case of loss or damage, you will receive compensation, an equivalent of the sum
assured. This is an agreed or stated value where you agree with the insurance company on the
sum assured depending on your budget and the compensation you expect in case of a

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Motor Vehicle Insurance

This is the most common type of insurance coverage. Cars and other motor vehicles are the
majority, and therefore the insurance coverage for this is well developed. Here, you can choose
either an underlying basic policy or comprehensive coverage, which ensures that you are
adequately compensated in case of an accident or loss of the vehicle. Shoreline Insurance, Palm
Beach has developed a variety of solutions under this to ensure that you, car, and even the
third parties are sufficiently compensated in case of a misfortune.

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Homeowners Insurance

This policy ensures that in case your home is destroyed, could be by natural calamities like
earthquakes, you will be compensated. This is usually spread across a good number of years.
Those with mortgages, it is paid as a package and included in your monthly repayments.

Why Shoreline Insurance?

We are dedicated professionals who are ready to walk with you from the time you get
your policy to the point where you get compensation in case of a misfortune. We
treasure every experience that you have with us, and therefore, we have a well-trained
and highly motivated team that will work with you in a friendly manner.

We have provided insurance services to millions of people in Florida and the whole of
the country, and therefore, we are witnesses of the evolution
of this industry and pioneers and every development that has come with time, we have
mastered and thus better placed to handle any insurance issue. We are the real
veterans in the insurance business.

We have collaborated with other services providers in the relevant industries to ensure
that whenever a need arises beyond the services we provide, we will always link you to
the best solution providers. Therefore, with us, you can never be stuck.

Shoreline's Palm Beach insurance team is available on 24/7 hour basis and therefore
whenever you have an issue, we are always -all gears- to help you out.

We are registered company under the Florida insurance board with the relevant, valid
licenses to operate in the US and other jurisdictions. We also strictly adhere to the
insurer conduct as per the Florida administrative code and register.

Once you approach us, you will be assigned a professional who will deal with you, offer
guidance on the policies you require and whenever you need help or in case of an
emergency, this professional will help you in getting your claim attended to promptly.

Why Shoreline Insurance?

With Shoreline Insurance, you can trust our team to work and plan with you and your loved ones to identify the type of insurance you need. We’ll help you search for the most cost-efficient plan for you. We build enduring relationships with our clients and supporting them in the years that follow.


What Is An Insurance Score?

An insurance score is a number determined using a statistical model based on the information given on a credit report. Insurance scores help determine the possibility that an accident will occur or that a claim will be filed.

What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract between the insurer and a payer. The payer shall pay a premium for life insurance and the insurer shall pay out a sum of money upon the death of the insured person. On the other hand, a life insurance policy is an agreement between the insurance company and the person who owns the policy.

What Is Business Insurance?

Business insurance provides a diverse selection of policy options to protect your business from monetary losses. All businesses have risks unique to them hence a business insurance policy should ideally be customized for that business. Certain factors, such as the scope of the business, number of employees, cars, and the materials being handled all help determine the type of insurance you’ll need to mitigate the risks for financial damage.

What About Boat Insurance?

We recommend that you ensure your boat for the amount it would take to replace it with a boat of the same kind and quality. This is an Agreed Value or Stated Value coverage. If the boat is lost in its entirety, this coverage will pay the insured amount.


If you’re buying renters insurance for the first time, here’s good news: Protecting your belongings generally costs less than protecting other assets like your car. Plus, there are ways to lower the price of your renters policy even more. Consider


Many cleaning and repair problems aboard your vessel may seem difficult to approach. Here are some tips on how to solve some of them. Tip #1 EASY CHIP REPAIR After filling the chip with resin or gel coat, place wax


Though Uninsured Motorist coverage is optional, here are a few reasons why you should consider adding it to your policy. When you choose what type of motorcycle insurance coverage you need for your bike, consider that situations involving a car

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There is always a risk in every venture; whatever assets or valuables that you own, whether in
your business, your car, machine and such. You also are faced with risks on a daily basis, and
these are inevitable. The best thing you can do is to try to mitigate the unforeseeable risk, and
that is why we have insurance policies that touch all aspects of life from business to auto and
individual. You cannot afford to live a carefree life, and again, your business or family must
continue even without you or in case of a calamity. You can only make such an investment with
a trusted partner. Shoreline Insurance is your preferred insurance solutions provider. Call us
today on 561-660- 8851 or contact us here and get an experience of a lifetime.