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Boat Insurance Palm Beach Gardens

You would be a disappointed person if one day you woke up and found that, your watercraft
you treasure so much- an asset of a lifetime has disappeared never to appear again. That would
be such a frustrating experience, right? Our Boat Insurance Palm Beach Gardens is designed, with such in
mind and therefore when you have the coverage with us, you can rest assured that you will be
sufficiently compensated when the unexpected befalls. This we do at an affordable fee and
flexible premium payments. Again, you will be assigned a professional who will help you
navigate around the policy and walk with you when you have a claim. You need the peace of
mind that in case a calamity befalls, you have nothing to lose.

Why Shoreline Boat Insurance

We have boat insurance specialists that we will assign to you so that they can help you
in demystifying the policy. These are our agents who will keep contact every time to
update you on your policy, and when the need arises, they are the first people who will
help you out with assessment, filling out paperwork and follow up.

Our turnaround time (TAT) in settling your claim is concise and not many procedures
required. You only need to report the incidence to our agent, and we will walk with you.

We have a variety of policies that are designed to fit your budget. Whatever budget you
have, we will help you and allow you a flexible premium payment plan.

We give discounts to all our customers, and therefore you will save a lot with us.
Whatever the policy you would like to enjoy, there are discounts designed to enable you
to save.

Our Shoreline Boat Insurance Bundled Coverage

Personal property coverage: When you are purchasing a policy for your boat, you will
be encouraged to take a bundled plan, which includes your other property in the boat.
Probably, you use your boat or watercraft for commercial purposes, to transport
valuables. With this policy, you will have the valuables onboard covered.

Boat and Fishing Equipment Bundle: Do you do commercial fishing or even for leisure
and you would want your equipment insured? This policy will ensure that in case your
fishing equipment is stolen or destroyed, you will be sufficiently compensated.

Personal coverage against injury caused by uninsured boater: You are going out fishing
or even in your escapades and all of a sudden, another boater knocks on your
watercraft, which might cause an injury to you. This bundled policy will ensure that you
are compensated for all medical bills and the damages thereof.

Call us today

Whenever you purchase a boat of whatever type, could be a Jet boat, Ski Boat or any
watercraft, you need to insure it against unforeseen risks which would otherwise lead to losses,
in some cases- huge losses. Do not wait until you regret why you did not have such coverage,
take advantage of our variety of covers today. Get in touch with our agent on 561-660- 8851
and enjoy the experience.