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Commercial Insurance Palm Beach Gardens

If you use your car to move around or even sometimes carry personal luggage, a personal
insurance coverage is appropriate. However, if your vehicle is used for business, could be to
deliver services to customers, then you need commercial insurance coverage. Whether a small
business or a vast empire, a commercial coverage will ensure that you are compensated in case
of an accident or upon loss. The most fundamental thing is to reveal all the information to the
insurance agent who will guide you through.

What to Consider When Purchasing Commercial Car Insurance Coverage

If your car is used for leasing to different parties, you need a commercial car insurance policy.
Business will require liability coverage for their employees who will be using the car. You need
to take note of who will be driving the motor vehicle, the owner of the vehicle and the

The Scope of Shoreline Commercial Insurance

Property damage liability coverage: When driving on the road, you never know what could
happen. You could hit the other car or damage other people’s property, and therefore you will
require this kind of a cover for compensation. It is again a legal requirement to have this kind of
a policy. This we provide an affordable premium.

Uninsured motorist coverage: This is an essential coverage, which caters for damages done by
third parties to you. You could be hit by a ‘hit and run driver’ or a motorist that is underinsured,
and in case of such, the insurer will compensate you.

Personal injury coverage: This is a policy that covers the driver and the passengers; in case of
an accident that is covered, the insurance company will pay for medical expenses of the said
parties regardless of the fault.

Comprehensive coverage: As the name goes, this is the best coverage that one can have. In
case of breakage of glass, theft, or any damage incurred on the vehicle, you will be adequately

Under commercial insurance, there are policies, which are designed according to the type of
the vehicle. Classification of cars is different from one state to another. In some states, a tow
truck is different from a van. Others will classify them according to weight, and therefore the
classifications will determine the cost of insurance and thus the claims.

Options for Purchasing Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

Cargo coverage: This is an insurance coverage that ensures in the event you lose inventories
during transportation or storage, you will be compensated.

Business interruption coverage: This insurance protection over your income in case of a loss
occurring to your business. Thus, with this coverage, you will be compensated for the income
you lost when the damage occurred.

Crime insurance: Theft could be by an outsider or even an employee; this rider ensures that
you are compensated when such occurs.

Rental reimbursement: This is a kind of coverage that ensures that in case our business vehicle
is damaged you get a spare car that you use until yours is repaired or replaced.

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