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Health Insurance Palm Beach Gardens

Imagine one day you are rushed to the hospital unconscious and for a whole month, you spend
in that medical facility, then after discharge, you are told that your bill, which runs into millions,
is paid in total? Relieved, awesome, name it- you would feel ‘lighter’ as they say. This is all
about our Shoreline Health insurance coverage. We have come in with coverage that gives you
a better value; we come to close the gap left out by the vibrant government policy on
healthcare. Ours is a comprehensive approach to your health, and therefore, you will benefit a
lot from our plan.

How Shoreline Health Insurance works

We have flexible repayment of premiums either on a monthly or annual basis. The premiums
depend on the value of the cover you choose for both inpatient and outpatient services. The
higher the premiums, the higher the value of your cover and the more the benefits. Our
healthcare insurance coverage comes with a conglomerate of services; from dental, maternity,
short-term, student health cover among others.

Our Shoreline Health Insurance Services

Short-term health insurance

These are medical plans that run for a maximum period of twelve months and a minimum of
thirty days. Many people prefer this kind of policy because the premiums are affordable and
provide a higher level of care and protection. It is also pocket-friendly for most of the families
as compared to other plans. The application process is easy, and the underwriting is fast,
guaranteed rates for the period covered among other benefits.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Insurance

This is a unique cover, which pairs a high deductible plan with a savings account, which is tax-
free. This is an account that the policyholder can use to cater for other health expenses or even
save for a rainy day. The earnings here are tax-deferred just like IRA, and when you want to
withdraw for medical costs, you are not taxed. Upon retirement, the amount in your account
will not be penalized and those above 55 years are even allowed to save more through more
rewarding provisions.

Student Health Insurance

Despite the fact that their parents cover most students, there are situations, which require an
individual student’s health coverage. Their age could go past the one allowed by the insurer,
the location where the service providers do not accept the parents cover. Seeking an out of
network provider might be expensive and reduce the benefits.

Maternity Service Package

One of the daunting questions that you cannot predict is how much it would cost you to deliver
that baby in the hospital. Most of the families land in financial constraints when the bill goes up
unexpectedly. That is why we have a package for you, which will take care of your prenatal, and
delivery charges.

Shoreline Dental Insurance Coverage

You will always need regular dental checkups and sometimes extractions and fillings which are
very expensive when done out of pocket. Our dental cover will cover all expenses relating to
your dental care, and therefore you will not have the frequent out of pocket expenses.

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costly and especially in emergency cases, and therefore you need a perfect plan that will
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