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The pain that comes with the loss of a loved one is not something you would want to take for
granted, and in this case, when it is a family member. Preparing for a send of a loved one can
fleece family finances to irreparable heights, that is why we have designed a coverage that will
take care of such expenses, and therefore you do not incur financial pain. Our other arm at
Shoreline handles our life insurance coverage. This team is responsible for walking with you
from the time you get the policy to the moment you need compensation. Under this coverage,
we have two types of plans; protection policy, and investment policy. Protection policy is given
as a lump sum when the need arises, or upon maturity, the investment policy is aimed at raising
capital over a specific period.

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Our Shoreline Life Insurance Services

Shoreline Term insurance

It is the most basic type of life cover, which offers death benefits only. With this policy, there is
no cash build up within the policy, and therefore this makes it cheap and affordable to many.

This policy is familiar with the young people who are energetic and are in perfect health.

This policy is purchased for specific ranges of time, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty years
ranges. Upon expiry, our team can help you convert to a permanent life insurance plan. Again,
this can either be decreasing or increasing.

With the decreasing policy, the sum assured will decrease over the years and therefore most
people use this to cover their mortgage, as the mortgage reduces with monthly repayment, the
covered decreases.

With increasing term policy, the death benefit increases over time. A young couple, for
instance, might prefer this due to the increasing needs over time. Therefore, the policy will be
purchased with a cost of living rider on the said policy.


Shoreline permanent Life insurance coverage

The significant difference between this and the term insurance is that this has a cash value
component. This, unlike the term insurance, is not limited by time; it is a lifetime policy, which
covers the rest of the policyholder’s life.

Whole life insurance: This is a life policy where the premium is locked for the rest of your life.
Here, you will be paying the same premium for the rest of your life. Those who want to stick to
a budget find this so helpful.

Universal life insurance: This policy also allows for a cash value component, and here the funds
are allowed to grow while the tax is deferred. This is a flexible cover where you will be allowed
to decide how much goes to either of the policies. Here, you will have access to the cash value

Variable life insurance cover: Just like the two other, it is a life cover with the cash value
component. The policyholder here is allowed to take part of it to equities and therefore, the
money will be growing with time. Again, the cash is exposed to the market fluctuations and
therefore in case of a deep; the holder will take the spoil.

Endowments: this is a policy designed to offer a lump sum to the policyholder after a specific
number of years. This could be in the range of fifteen, twenty, twenty-five or thirty. Some of
these policies pay up when in critical illness. The policyholder will surrender (cash in) early and
later receive the surrendered value from the insurer depending on the policy write-up.


Everyone would want to have a shoulder to lean on in case of death, permanent disability or in
old age and therefore life coverage is the most suitable policy that will ensure that your future
is cushioned. Contact any of our agents today on 561-660- 8851 and be guided today.