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The entire state of Florida is considered a no-fault state, which means it is increasingly more important to possess auto insurance. In essence, auto insurance is intended to cover vehicle owners financially or in the case they lose their vehicle when involved in an accident that results in property or physical damages. In Florida, each driver is required to carry automobile insurance, while there are still thousands of drivers who are driving without auto insurance every single day.

At Shoreline Insurance, our auto insurance agents will find the most effective insurance plan for your particular vehicle, or driver of that vehicle, and help make sure you are completely covered for whatever situation may arise. We will make sure you hold an active insurance card that can be kept in your vehicle at all times, in the event that an accident occurs, as proof that you are insured.

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Types of Coverage


There is a great variety of vehicle insurance coverage offered to drivers in Jupiter and surrounding areas, each of which our insurance agency provides. Our team will work with you directly to help find which insurance plan will be most beneficial for your situation. In addition, we are easy to reach, and don’t rely on automated systems to answer our phone calls, which allows us to be there when you need us the most.


Some types of coverage include:


Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is used to cover property damages and bodily injury when the insured driver is deemed responsible. The total amount of coverage depends on the location of the accident jurisdiction. The insured is usually able increase their minimum coverage prior to the loss for a fee.


Combined Single Limit

The combined single limit policy includes both bodily injury coverage and property damage liability coverage. As such, when an insured driver with this coverage is involved in an accident and injures another driver and/or passenger, the damages and injuries would be paid out under the same coverage.


Split Limits

This coverage splits the property damage and bodily injury coverage so that payments for each will be paid out under each coverage, rather than the single coverage. In most cases, for bodily injury liability coverage, it will usually be split into a maximum payment per person, along with a maximum payment per collision.


Rental Coverage

Rental coverage typically applies to rental cars, or any other vehicle being rented. Often times, rental coverages are offered by the rental car company, and will cover any damages that may occur to the vehicle.


Full Coverage

Often times, full coverage will include a variety of coverages such as collision and comprehensive coverages. In most cases, insurance agencies will not use this term when working with clients, as full coverage doesn’t always wind up accounting for true “full coverage.”


Collision Coverage

Just as the name implies, collision coverage covers vehicles that are involved in an accident. Collision coverage is often subject to deductibles, and is meant to provide funding for repairs to the damaged vehicle, or payments if the vehicle is totaled. While this is an optional coverage, it may be required to get a loan until the car is completely paid off.


Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive, or collision, coverage is subject to a deductible to automobiles that have been damaged, but not included in an accident. These incidents usually include fires, vandalism, theft, weather, or damages from animals.


Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

This form of coverage will protect you if the at-fault party does not possess insurance or does not have enough insurance to cover the injuries and damages.


Towing Coverage

This coverage covers any roadside assistance you may require. Often times, insurance agencies will agree to pay the costs of a tow truck when there is an accident including a vehicle under a certain policy. In addition, many insurance agencies will now pay for car towing in non-accident related incidents.


Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage covers personal items that were in the vehicle at the time of the accident. These items are not typically included in regular insurance policies, so it may be wise to ask for this to be added to your current policy.


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